Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – Substories 61-80

61: Song of Love

This is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. Randomly at the bar, Jagre will show up as a customer. Serve him a drink and you’ll get a scene where he tries to dance around the fact that he loves Xsana. Asking for a “friend,” Jagre confides in Kenshiro about how he should approach a lady. You can say whatever you feel like, but I went with, “Take her out to eat.” Upon answering, you’ll get a few more lines of dialogue before Xsana comes in and Jagre starts to freak out. She’ll order a burger that is too big for her, then asks Jagre to share it. How sweet.

62: A Well-Oiled Heart

This substory requires the previous one (61) before happening. This is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. Randomly at the bar, Xsana will show up. She’ll talk about the burger she shared with Jagre and ask for another. After finishing the whole thing herself, the owner of the bar insists she grab a drink. After smashing some ice, you’ll give Xsana a sweet one and everyone will be happy…until Xsana tells everyone to shut up. Apparently, she is a super angry drunk.

She’ll walk out of the bar and the owner will tell Kenshiro to follow her. Step outside and Xsana will be harassing some thugs. They don’t believe she is the ruler of Eden and will attempt to mug her. Kenshiro will step in and battle them. After defeating them, Ken demands they don’t tell anyone what they saw. He’ll then turn around to find Xsana passed out on the street. The game will transition back to the bar and Xsana will apologize for blacking out. The owner and Ken say she was fine and then she laughs and says she’ll come back some other day for more. Both Ken and the owner say NO!!!! and the quest ends.

63: Sweet Nostalgia

This is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. It requires substory 62 to happen (you may possibly need to be rank B at the bar, too). After completing the previous substory, Lyra will randomly appear at the bar. She reminisces about drinking with Xsana and wants to relive those moments, so she asks Kenshiro for a drink. You’ll need to serve her three times and then the substory will basically repeat the same events from Xsana’s.

After kicking the two dudes asses and bringing Lyra back into the bar, she’ll talk about potentially doing this again and Kenshiro and the owner will yell NO! Easy substory.

64: I Can’t Quit Now

This substory is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. It will require completion of substory 59 to trigger. After helping reunite Bruce and Ash, Bruce will actually show up as a customer while tending bar. I got him to appear by serving Raimi first, but he is said to appear randomly. Regardless, serve him a Bloodstained Mary and he’ll start to talk about how he’s a bit nervous of returning. With Kenshiro doing so well, how can Bruce really compete? Kenshiro tells him to not give up and even Raimi encourages him.

With that being said, Bruce then challenges you to a bartending duel. He wants you to prove you can make the best possible drink. Return to the bar and accept his challenge, which is the hardest shake cocktail in the game. It isn’t impossible, it just takes quite a bit of shaking. Once you complete the drink, Bruce concedes defeat, but the crowd cheers him on. Apparently, both of your drinks compliment each other well and everyone likes having the options. Bruce then decides to come back to the bar, but not before falling over and injuring himself again.

With that done, this finally completes the “Bartender Ken” missions.

65: Bounty Hunter Ken

At the start of chapter 5, you’ll walk down the stairs from Eden’s cathedral and be approached by one of the guards. The Watch has a lot on their hands, so they’d like Kenshiro to help out. At a loss for leads, Kenshiro hears them out and agrees to do a bounty. This substory acts as a tutorial for the whole Bounty Hunter mini-game and is impossible to skip. You’ll be guided to exactly where the bounty is and you can’t do anything else until he is defeated.

66: Eden’s Street Killer

The next few substories are all based on the Bounty Hunter mini-game. You simply go to the job board in the barracks and pick the largest bounty (the smaller ones are just cash). After completing the previous substory, you can start this one (as it is the only bounty available). It will give you some backstory on Jagre and the side story for this whole mini-game.

Apparently, Jagre’s parents were murdered by a man known as “The Ripper,” and there are reports of him being in the area. You’ll then take off and fight this guy, who ends up not being the main target. He is located in the North West corner of Eden and will be marked on your map.

67: Zamza The Dealer

Zamza is the next bounty up on your list. After accepting the bounty, the guard on duty will explain to you that he believes Zamza is being forced into a life of crime beyond his will. Since you only know as much as the bounty tells you, you’ll go off into the wasteland and track Zamza down. His location will be dotted on the map for you, but I took a picture if you somehow get lost.

You’ll (obviously) fight some people, but after the battle, Zamza will surrender. He explains that “The Ripper” had taken his family hostage and he was forced to do the man’s bidding to set them free. Obviously, this story isn’t over yet.

68: Almost Got Him

Return to the barracks and accept the next bounty from the board. Once doing so, Jagre will inform you that an assassin had attempted a hit on his life at one point. Believing him to be involved with a man named “Zild,” Jagre concocts a plan to use himself as bait while you pursue the assassin. Jagre wants this to happen near Eden’s Gate, so you’ll need to head out from the front of the city to a specific spot (it is labeled on your map: just walk around until the event triggers).

The Watch sees Jagre out by himself and stops him from proceeding. They all don’t want Jagre to die, so they escort him back to the barracks. Kenshiro will make a small remark before noticing a man on top of the gate looking down at Jagre. Assuming this is the assassin, you’ll now need to head on top of the gate to fight him. The game will label on your map where the entrance is, but the stairwell is directly to the right of the entrance to Eden.

Once up top, you just need to walk up to the guy and fight him. He’ll have a few other goons, but they go down pretty quickly. Upon defeating him, the assassin confirms Jagre’s suspicion that “Zild” was behind the hit. Looks like your next target is all set up.

69: Zild’s Revenge

Following on from the last bounty, Jagre will explain that a long while back, he put Zild’s brother away for some unspecified crime. Ever since that day, Zild has held a grudge against Jagre and hasn’t stopped at trying to ruin his life. You won’t know the full story until after the showdown, but after Jagre leaves, some of the Watch guards will give you Zild’s location. They don’t want their boss to rush into conflict and would like you to handle things before he finds out. Take to your buggy, because Zild is out in the wasteland. Here is his exact location.

Upon pulling up, you’ll find that Jagre has beat you to the punch. Apparently, he coerced one of the guards into talking and tried to beat you to the location. Jagre got his ass kicked, though, so Kenshiro decides to step up and finish the fight. After a battle with around 10 thugs, you’ll emerge victorious and get the real story behind Zild’s brother. Jagre explains that while the Watch never really caught Zild’s brother in action, one fateful night he assaulted a guard in front of Jagre. That confrontation ended up with the guard dying, so Jagre threw him in jail.

Sometime later, Zild’s brother attempted an escape and nearly killed another guard, so one of Jagre’s men had put him down. Zild only ever heard that his brother died in prison and assumed Jagre was the killer. Kenshiro questions why Jagre didn’t tell Zild sooner, but Jagre reveals he couldn’t look the man in the eyes and tell him his brother was a piece of shit.

70: Hoodlum Hunter

Returning to the barracks, you’ll take another bounty worth a whopping 600,000 IDL that puts you on the case of a man terrorizing “Rob’s Bar.” The bar is located towards the North Western part of Eden near the Casino. You’ll need to enter the bar at night time since it is closed during the day. Once inside the bar, talk to the bartender and he will tell Kenshiro that the goons should be coming in anytime now (you may need to fight a random thug beforehand).

Once everyone shows up, the bounty sicks his goons on Kenshiro and you’ll take the battle outside. After making short work of those idiots, Kenshiro will chase after the bounty as he had run away during the confrontation. The game will automatically ferry you to the bounty’s location and you’ll find him bleeding out in an alleyway. Before dying, he tells Kenshiro that some man had stabbed him muttering a bunch of gibberish. When one of the Watch guards comes by, he then tells Kenshiro that sounds an awful lot like “The Ripper.”

71: Dine-And-Dash

Return to the barracks and accept the next high priced bounty. After doing so, the Watch will inform Kenshiro that this guy isn’t really a bounty. He mainly has been going around Eden committing “dine-and-dash,” but that the Watch can’t have criminals performing petty crimes in their town. Kenshiro will agree and you’ll head off to Paradise Bar to confront the man. Once entering, walk immediately to the right and the guy will be in the corner with his cronies.

After a quick battle, the guy will attempt to run but then walk into one of the Watch guards. Cowering on the ground, he’ll surrender and you’ll be 800,000 IDL richer.

72: A Knife in the Dark

Return to the barracks and accept the next bounty. Once doing so, both the Watch guard and Jagre will tell you that some killer has been going around and imitating the infamous “Ripper.” Since you want to stop that, Jagre tells you this next guy typically hangs out in the Junk District’s Back Alley at Night. You’ll have to return to your safehouse if during the day to continue. If you’re already at night time, just head to the Back Alley and battle the guy.

After taking care of him and his thugs, one of the Watch guards will rush over to Kenshiro and tell him to come quickly. In another location, the woman you just saved ended up being killed by the real “Ripper.” Jagre figures that they are hot on his tail and that the guy is moonlighting as someone that Eden trusts. Could be a doctor, street merchant, bartender or anyone. After that, you’ll get your 950,000 IDL and be one step closer to finishing this quest line.

73: Twisted Justice

Return to the barracks and accept your next bounty. This one is worth a whopping 1,000,000 IDL. When you enter, Isuka will explain a really deadly criminal is on the lose. The guy used to be a part of the Watch but was expelled for killing a bunch of criminals. He did take a normal job but kept exacting vigilante justice on people. He even killed innocents to protect his image, though that obviously did him no good. Anyway, with that said, step outside and back into Eden.

Head over to the empty building on “Respite Street” to confront the guy. He is acting all erratic and weird, but you’ll need to fight him. Once putting him down, the Isuka immediately comes running in. Kenshiro has some questions and Isuka explains he was the one that fired this man. He was concerned maybe his actions are what caused the guy to go crazy. Now some conspiracy is brewing since Kenshiro believes the erratic behavior is similar to what Jagre went through when Kyo-oh struck him. You’ll just have to find out more with the next bounty.

74: Metal-faced Doom

Return to the barracks and accept your next bounty. This one is worth 1,500,000 IDL. After taking it, Isuka will explain they are hot on the heels of a gang leader. He wears a metal mask and has been killing people around town (how original). The Watch knows the gang’s exact location and is planning a raid. Isuka would like Kenshiro to accompany them. The game’s hideout is located on “Respite Street” near the ruins. The ruins are across from the clinic in Eden.

Head over to the ruins and walk up to the door. Once you do, Isuka and the Watch will approach. Everyone else will stand back while you enter with Isuka. Inside, the bounty is standing by himself and acting all crazy. When spoken to, he basically mutters a bunch of nonsense and then summons the whole gang. They then attempt to kill you, but you’re Kenshiro, so that doesn’t work out. Once you’re finished, Kenshiro will walk away and Isuka will stay behind. He mutters something to himself and the mission is over.

75: Makeup Artist

Return to the barracks, but this time approach Isuka. Kenshiro will ask if there is anything he can help with when a woman enters the barracks. She starts yelling that Isuka killed her daughter, Fio. As everyone in the Watch knows, Fio was Isuka’s fiancee that he lost to The Ripper, but this woman is convinced Isuka is the one who killed her. Jagre then comes in and takes the woman aside. Once that gets cleared up, Jagre informs you that something is fishy and Isuka then starts to talk about a target known as “The Makeup Artist.”

According to him, this Makeup Artist is known for impersonating Watch guards and committing crimes. Since Isuka was the one that initially caught him, it makes sense that he would have dressed up as Isuka and killed someone. Since there is confusion in the air, Isuka asks Kenshiro to accept the bounty so that they can finally put this guy away. Go back to the board and take the 2,500,000 IDL bounty to start the hunt.

The Makeup Artist was last seen in the Bazaar, so head over to “Bazaar West.” Approach one of the stands and the guy will tell you the person headed down the street a bit. You’ll be pointed in the correct direction, so just walk down the street and approach the guy from the cutscene. Kenshiro will mention his tattoos and the guy starts mumbling something about a replacement. Since his cover is now blown, he’ll attack you and you’ll have to deal with him.

Once that is finished, Jagre will come running up with a member of the Watch. Isuka has gone missing and he wants you to return to the barracks so he can explain everything.

76: The Ripper

Return to the barracks and approach Jagre. He explains that Isuka disappeared but left a note. He discovered the whereabouts of “The Ripper” and decided to confront him. If he didn’t return, he wanted Kenshiro to come after him. Apparently the killer was located in the ruins on in the “Neon District,” so that is your next step. This is also where substory 32 and 33 happened, so just walk over to the same door to start this.

Inside, you’ll find Isuka surrounded by dead bodies. In a shocking (not really) twist, it turns out Isuka is “The Ripper.” He explains that he just loves killing and he was fascinated by how Kenshiro could end a man’s life with a single finger. He set up this whole scheme to learn the ways of Hokuto Shinken so he could better kill, but obviously, that isn’t going to happen. You’ll then fight Isuka, who loves to block everything.

Once you put him down, he’ll talk a bit more about how he got started killing. Jagre will then come in and scold him, but reveal that he kind of figured Isuka was the one. Fio’s body was the only one that was never discovered, so clearly Isuka had something to do with that. I’m not sure I follow the logic, but Jagre ends up putting Isuka out of his misery. After that, you’ll return to the barracks and Jagre will give you an insane 5,000,000 IDL.

77: Circus Freaks

One last bounty to bring this thing home. Return to the barracks and accept the 6,500,000 IDL bounty on the board. Apparently this group of face paint wearing jackasses known as a Circus are rolling into town. They typically put on a big show with killing people and destroying buildings, then just sit back and laugh at their carnage. They’ve announced they’ll be hitting Eden soon, so the guard tells you to head to the gate.

Once you do, talk to the main guard up front and this will start the battle. It is a pretty long one with you taking on multiple bosses over the course of a roughly 10 minute fight. You may need to bring healing items, but nothing is insanely difficult. After you kill all of them, you’ll be taken back to the barracks and Jagre will congratulate you on protecting Eden. You then become an honorary member of the Watch and that will settle the bounty subplot.

78: The Master’s Challenge

I’m not exactly sure if this substory will unlock with story progression or bounty hunter progression, but I had finished around five bounty missions when it triggered. I was also in chapter nine, so either stipulation may be true. Whatever the case, after enough progress has been made, you’ll see another guard standing inside of the barracks. After talking to him, he’ll hand Kenshiro a message from a mysterious man named “Komaki.” This man wants to challenge the true might of Hokuto Shinken and asks Kenshiro to meet him.

The guard will tell you he saw Komaki near the park on Respite Street. After heading there, Komaki will explain that he has trained many students and is always looking for a genuine challenge. You’ll then have a tough battle with him that might take quite a few health items to succeed. After defeating him, Komaki congratulates you and says he’ll head to the Colosseum for more training. He’ll now appear in the “Duel” section for you to rematch at any time.

79: The Assassin’s Challenge

This substory will require completion of substories 1-78. You can access this before the end of the game in chapter 10, but you will need to complete the first 78 substories for it to unlock.Once you do, go into the Nightclub at night and speak to Lyra. She’ll give you a letter addressed from “Amon” that challenges Kenshiro in a duel to the death. He’ll be waiting in the Central Wasteland, though you only need to speak with Bat and select “Accept Challenge” to start this.

This is basically the final test of the game, as you will face off against Yakuza series hidden boss Amon. He is ridiculously tough and there isn’t a whole lot you can do to make him easier. Amon will be at level 99 and put you down in a few hits. He has multiple stages, though you get checkpoints in between each section in case you fail. You could grind out levels if you’re so inclined, but you won’t be able to max Kenshiro unless you’re on New Game Plus. For that reason, I only recommend you get to around level 60-65 and grind out a little at the Colosseum to acquire some Talismans.

For my part, I used Kenshiro, Ryuken, Raoh and Nadai’s Talismans in the final segment. Toki’s will also be useful, since it will put Amon into a shock state that you can exploit a Hokuto technique with. In the first part of the battle, use Toki’s backflip technique to land some easy attacks on Amon. Every time he stands up, he’ll immediately attack, so block and hit X to start the animation before Amon lands a blow. Once you get him into meridian shock, hit him with a Hokuto technique and the second part will begin.

From here, Amon grows super large and can be a pain in the ass. You have multiple ways to deal with this, but I found exploiting Burst Mode’s charge attack to be the best. I believe it is in the bottom left of the upgrade screen, but it will allow you to hold R2 and charge up a ranged beam attack. You can get it to level 2 or 3, but that doesn’t really matter. Just make sure to hit Amon’s foot, then his other foot when he falls over. With him on his knees, grab a “Hidebu” from one of the fat thugs and smack Amon a bunch of times.

With that section done, you’ll head off into a race with Amon. This is ridiculous tough and I honestly don’t recommend bothering with it. You can fail the race and your only penalty is starting the final phase with less health. If you’re so inclined to win, though, you’ll need a lot of durability and speed upgrades for your car. Amon is no joke behind the wheel and you’ll be racing on the fifth track, which makes life difficult. Don’t worry if he pulls out ahead of you, since you’ll be hitting a bunch of boost pads and Amon likes to collide with explosive barrels.

However you get through, the final phase is a battle atop a giant rock. Here is where I started spamming Talismans, since they give you easy Hokuto technique opportunities. Start off with Raoh’s (since it is an automatic attack), then wait for Amon to stand. Use Nadai’s to stun him and get another easy technique off. Then, activate Kenshiro’s Talisman and attack for a small bit. Right before it runs out, activate Ryuken’s and you’ll connect with the “Transmigration of Souls” attack. This should do a tremendous amount of damage to Amon, but probably won’t kill him. After that barrage, you’re free to exploit whatever Talismans will knock Amon over or give you free hits. Like I said above, Toki’s is a great option and obviously having Lin’s equipped is good if you happen to take too many hits.

When you do finally defeat Amon, he’ll start to brag about the Amon Clan never dying, but will then explode from Kenshiro’s techniques. On the ground, you’ll find Amon’s glasses and you’ll also probably level up twice. With him done, you’re likely finished with all of the substories in Lost Paradise, unless you saved number 80 for last (80 isn’t required to face Amon).

80: The Demon’s Challenge

This substory will require you to be in “Endless Eden” mode. You unlock this by finishing the game and then selecting a clear save data file. At any point in “Endless Eden,” you can enter the Cathedral at night and speak with Xsana. Her father, Nadai, has issued you a challenge to face him. He will be behind the Cathedral just like in the last chapter of the story.

The one caveat is that Nadai is in his demon form the entire fight, but he really isn’t that bad. He’ll only be level 65, so you can stock up on healing items and level up Lin’s talisman to make sure you don’t perish for a stupid reason. Once you defeat him, you’ll gain a hefty amount of experience and get the “Eye of the Dragon” item. This will increase the amount of experience and IDL you gain from fights.

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