Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – Substories 41-60

41: Junkina

This substory is related to the “Manager Ken” mini-game. After completing the first four missions at the nightclub, Lyra will approach Kenshiro about a hostess named Hina. She hasn’t been doing well in sales and she needs a pep talk. Kenshiro will approach Hina and offer some words of advice. The correct option is “Tell Her to Have Fun,” though the other answers provide some funny scenes. Once you tell Hina that, you’ll then go about the mini-game as normal and need to complete a new mission (Hina’s Awakening).

Once that mission is over (which requires you to get 30,000 IDL with Hina), Hina will thank Ken for talking to you and you’ll be one substory closer to finishing the side missions.

42: Princess Emma

This substory is related to the “Manager Ken” mini-game. It will require completion of the previous substory (41) and for you to reach Rank C at the nightclub. Once those stipulations have been met, starting “Manager Ken” will play a short scene where Hina talks about wanting to be sexy. Lyra makes some stupid comment about Hina’s flat chest and then Hina remembers there is some sexy lady at the casino. Since you’re technically also a scout, Lyra sends you with Hina to find this woman.

When you arrive, it turns out the sexy lady is a woman named Emma. She is the daughter of the owner of the casino and sort of looks down on being a hostess. She says she’ll join if you can convince her the nightclub isn’t a sleazy joint. Once she says that, you’ll be transported back to the nightclub to complete the mission “Guarding Bodies.” This requires you to satisfy six of Emma’s bodyguards, which is ridiculously easy.

Once you do that, Emma gets all mad, fires her guards and storms off. Hina gets sad, but then you and she hear a scream from outside. Some thugs are harassing Emma, so you’ll need to jump in and knock some heads together. After doing that, Emma will thank you and leave. Hina points out that you both failed to scout her again and the cutscene ends. After that, you’ll be back in the nightclub and Emma will show up. She asks for Kenshiro to be her bodyguard, but he refuses. After some back and forth, she agrees to work at the nightclub since it means Ken will guard her. Easy enough, I suppose.

43: Sister Liz

This substory is related to the “Manager Ken” mini-game. It requires completion of substory 42 and Rank B at the nightclub. After completing numerous missions and ranking up, a short cutscene will play where Lyra is talking with Ken. She explains how something is lacking at the nightclub and deems that to be “elegance.” Hina and Emma overhear her and get mad, but Lyra then convinces them they need someone new. Apparently, a lady out by the tree near the clinic emits elegance, so Hina and Kenshiro head off to find her.

When they get there, it turns out she is praying by the tree. After approaching her, she introduces herself as Liz and explains it is her daily ritual to return to this spot and pray for her late boyfriend. He died trying to protect her and she wants to pay homage to his memory every chance she can. She doesn’t believe she can find happiness anymore and refuses to join the nightclub. Hina is determined, though, and asks Liz to come along.

You’ll then need to complete the mission “Convince Liz” at the nightclub. This requires you to earn 400,000 IDL and avert all crises, so just stock up your meter in case any customers get rowdy. With that done, Liz decides to forge a new, happy future instead of reliving the past.

44: Bright Attacks

This substory is related to the “Manager Ken” mini-game. You’ll need to finish the previous substory (43) and hit Rank A at the nightclub. Once doing so, enter the nightclub and Lyra will send Hina out to get more booze. Hina doesn’t return in time for her shift, so you just work without her. Complete the mission “Business as Usual,” which just requires you to satisfy 12 customers in two minutes. It shouldn’t be too bad without Hina.

After finishing, everyone will voice their concern over Hina not returning. A man then runs in and says some thugs have kidnapped Hina. She is being held near the West end of the bazaar. Rushing to the rescue, Kenshiro runs into a person named “Bright.” They kidnapped Hina out of jealousy and wanted to make her pay for being so lucky to have a big, strong man like Kenshiro come running after her. Quickly defeat the thugs and you’ll get Hina back.

After that, Bright explains how they never felt pretty or strong in their life and just wanted to have the same kind of security that Hina does. Kenshiro tells them, “Don’t sell yourself short,” before Bright asks if they could work at the nightclub. You’ll agree and get a new hostess along with Hina back.

45: Hina’s Past

This substory is related to the “Manager Ken” mini-game. It will require completion of the previous substory (44) and Rank S at the nightclub. Once finishing your shift after hitting Rank S, a cutscene will trigger where Hina asks Kenshiro to walk her home. Outside, she’ll encounter her long-lost brother-in-law and you’ll learn a whole heap about her past life. Since this is only dialogue boxes and nothing else, just read through the text and you’ll be set. Incredibly easy.

46: Nightclub Now and Forever

This substory is related to theĀ  “Manager Ken” mini-game. You’ll need to complete the previous substory (45) for this to occur. After talking with Hina about her past, re-enter the nightclub and a short scene will play. Some of the girls have been quitting recently and Lyra can’t quite figure out why. Just as soon as the main ladies all throw their support behind Hina, Hina’s brother-in-law enters and reveals he has been strong-arming the women into quitting. Turns out he can’t accept Hina’s new life and wants to destroy the nightclub.

From there, you’ll need to complete the mission “Brotherly Love,” which requires you satisfy 14 customers while keeping all of the hostesses’ HP above 0. It actually isn’t as horrible as it sounds if you utilize Bright’s special skill, which stops HP drain for 15 seconds. Since it only requires two bars, you could end up being able to trigger it three times in a row if you get a good streak going.

After completing the mission, Hina’s brother-in-law still won’t accept the nightclub and will attack Ken. Just put him down quickly and you’ll see the end of Hina’s subplot.

47: Troubles and Changes

This requires completion of the previous substory (46). After finishing off the “Manager Ken” subplot, enter the nightclub and walk to the bar on the left side. You’ll find Lyra standing there and she’ll direct your attention to Hina. Something has been troubling her and she’d like Kenshiro to figure it out. Walk over to Hina and Hina will ask if you two could go to speak somewhere quieter. Select “The Bar” and you’ll be taken to “The Rusty Nail.”

At the bar, Hina explains that she is worried her cuteness won’t last forever. She wants to appear more sexy for the customers and is jealous of the other girls at the nightclub. She’ll ask your opinion if you think she is cute or not and any answer will suffice. After that, she’ll ask what she can do to become sexier and, again, you can pick whatever. I went with “Wear More Makeup,” and it took me back to the nightclub for a funny scene. Whatever you say, though, Hina will go overboard and the substory will finish in a humorous manner.

48: Be My Boyfriend

This substory will require completion of 47 to trigger. Return to the nightclub at night to find Emma standing near the left side bar. She’ll call Kenshiro over and ask if he can be her boyfriend. Shocked by the sudden question, everyone asks what the hell is going on. It turns out Emma’s father is coming to town and has a man lined up for her to marry. Since she doesn’t want that, she lied and told him she was dating the manager of the nightclub. Since Ken is now dragged into this, he agrees to help Emma out. She’ll tell you to head to Rob’s Bar whenever you’re ready.

Walk over there (which requires night time) and enter the bar. Emma and her father will be standing in the middle, so go talk to her to continue the conversation. Emma’s dad sits you down and asks you a few questions about his daughter, though any answer will do. At the end, he begins to pour his heart out and Kenshiro can’t lie to him. He explains he loves Yuira and that settles the whole thing. Emma walks out with her father and Kenshiro follows after.

Outside, some thugs will start to harass Emma and her father will attempt to stand up for her. Kenshiro then comes in and you’ll take control to kick their asses. After the battle, Emma’s father asks that you look after her in his absence. He also gives you a backstory about why he wanted a strong man for her, but Kenshiro exceeded his wildest expectations. Another substory down.

49: Something Behind Her Smile

This substory will require completion of the previous one (48) to trigger. Return to the nightclub after helping Emma to start a substory with Liz. Lyra points out that Liz has been coming back to the nightclub extremely happy for the past few days and is wondering what is up. She still goes off to pray for her late boyfriend, but now she is incredibly cheerful. Curious, Kenshiro heads over to the big tree near the clinic to learn what has changed.

As it turns out, Liz has met a young girl by the name of Sarah near her praying spot. Sarah asked her what she was doing one day and the two started to meet each other. Liz was grateful since it helped distract her from how sad praying was. Since Sarah had just left, Liz tells Kenshiro to come back later to meet her. You’ll need to walk away from the tree a bit before returning, so just head to Eden’s gate and then walk back. Once you do, Liz will call for help.

Sarah hasn’t returned today and Liz is getting worried. Apparently, Sarah’s uncle has a bit of a violent streak and Sarah was scared of returning home. Fearing the worst, Liz is determined to get to the bottom of this but Kenshiro stops her. He says he’ll take care of this so Liz doesn’t get hurt. From there, you’ll need to head over to the “Chimney District (South)” to continue this substory. You’ll see two big thugs standing near Sarah. One is her uncle and he is selling her off (the bastard).

Before Kenshiro can even act, Liz appears and demands them to stop. Sarah runs off and the thugs then turn their attention to Liz. Finally, Kenshiro steps in and you get to do your martial arts thing. Kill the guys, talk to Liz and the substory will have a happy ending.

50: The Lure of a Love Letter

This substory requires you to finish substory 49 first. Returning settling Liz’s problem and returning to the nightclub, walk straight forward to find Bright in a panic. When asked what’s up, she says nothing is wrong and runs off. Something falls to the floor behind her and Kenshiro decides to give it a look. Turns out someone sent a love letter to Bright, but Bright doesn’t believe it is real. After Hina and Kenshiro both convince her it is (select “Not a Prank” when asked), she’ll go to the big tree in front of the clinic to meet her suitor.

Emma then runs up and tells Kenshiro that some men are in town to get revenge on Bright for her past. Since he just told her to go out into the city, Kenshiro decides to head to the big tree to make sure Bright is okay. When you get there, a man will be legitimately talking to Bright when some thugs come up. They explain they are there to kick some ass for Bright’s past, but Kenshiro jumps in before anything bad can happen. Kill them and you’ll finish the substory (with a nice nod that Bright is in love with Kenshiro).

51: Welcome to the Nightclub

This substory requires completion of the previous one (50) to start. After finishing all of the subplots for each hostess, return to the nightclub and you’ll be greeted with a final cutscene. All of the ladies and Lyra want to thank you for your hard work, so they throw you a party. You don’t need to do anything, so just walk in and you’re all set. Easy peasy!

52: Proper Spending Habits

This is probably the longest substory in the game. This will require you to pay back the 100,000,000 IDL that Kenshiro owes from substory 40. It is a grind, regardless of which method you feel is the fastest to earn money. Even completing out the bounty hunter missions will only earn you around 20,000,000, so you’ll still need to make up five times the amount. Your best bet is to grind at the nightclub, since the final two “Manager Ken” missions will earn you 1,000,000 IDL as well as paying off 1,000,000 IDL to the debt. That means you’ll need to complete either mission around 40 times, which is roughly three hours of grinding.

Once you do come upon the 100,000,000, go to the old lady sitting on a bench in front of Kenshiro’s hideout. She’ll congratulate you on paying her back and this will start a humorous cutscene that I won’t spoil. This is likely going to be the last substory you do before the final two, so just mentally prepare yourself for it.

53: Cheers to You, Ken!

This substory is a tutorial for the bartending mini-game. Later on, in chapter 5, you’ll encounter the bartender from earlier and he’ll get socked by some thugs. Kenshiro will then proceed to destroy them and the bartender is grateful. Sadly, he has some outstanding injuries, so Kenshiro will need to tend bar for a bit. Pretty funny and definitely impossible to miss.

54: Beginners Welcome

This substory is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. At random during your travels in Eden, you’ll run into a man outside of the bar. He’ll tell Ken he’s a bit scared of going in since he is self-conscious. Ken tells him to take a chance and stop in for a drink: he doesn’t judge anyone for being a regular. After doing that, Allen will randomly appear as one of your customers. After serving him, you’ll get a quick scene where some thugs are harassing him on his way out of the bar.

After a quick fight, you’ll go back inside where Allen realizes he wants to be like Kenshiro. Everyone tells him to relax a little and experience life some. Once Allen leaves, the lady at the bar says she could give him a wild experience and Kenshiro just rolls his eyes.

55: D-Sides

This substory is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. This requires you to enter the bar at night. At random, you’ll encounter a customer called “Old Timer.” Serve him a drink and he’ll go on about how he misses his daughter. He has a tape from her, but no way to actually play it. At some point in their past, the two of them had a fight and haven’t really reconciled. The man introduces himself as Hans and then leaves the bar.

The owner of the bar will tell you about a potential tape player out in the wasteland. Kenshiro figures he might as well go and check it out. The location of it is here:

Once you get the tape player, you’ll need to head to the junk shop to get it repaired. After doing that, you’ll need to continue serving drinks at the bar until Hans returns. I only encountered him at night, so I’d just sleep until nightfall to have the best chance of encountering him. Once you do, serve him one last drink and then you’ll get to see the conclusion to this substory. It’s a tearjerker, that’s for certain.

56: Gimmie a Job!

This substory is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. After serving a number of customers (I believe nine customers or three times playing), you’ll encounter a patron known as “Depressed Man.” Serve him his drink and then he’ll start to talk about how miserable he is. He is tired of living at home and mooching off of his parents but is unsure of why he isn’t finding a job. From here, you’ll be able to select an option to give him some advice, but your answer doesn’t really matter.

After the small chat, a man rushes in to tell the depressed guy that his father just suffered an injury. He was working hard and his back gave out, so the depressed guy runs out of the bar to see his dad. This will end your bartending for the night, so you can exit and look for the depressed guy. He is hanging out around the “Respite Street Back Alley.” Talk to him outside and he’ll tell Kenshiro that his dad is okay and merely hurt himself working. That injury gave Kyle (the depressed man’s real name) the oomph he needed to change his way.

A little later on, you’ll be able to head to the “Bazaar West” and you’ll see Kyle working at a street vendor. The owner of the bar will even come over and make some comment about how Kyle is really green but has his heart in the right place.

57: Liquid Courage

This substory is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. After building up your ranking and maxing out a few customer meters, you’ll encounter “Nervous Man” at the bar. Once you select him, the owner of the bar will give Kenshiro a talk about how each drink has a special meaning. Apparently, there is a “language of liquor,” and some people communicate by sending drinks to each other. This nervous guy has a crush on some lady and wants to send her a “Southern Cross Metropolis.” Mix the drink for him and you’ll then need to remember which lady he was looking at (it is “Young Lady”).

After that, you’ll be back in the bar and need to talk to the “Woman with Long Hair.” She’ll be waiting for you to get behind the bar and serve her. After talking with her, she requests a “Sugar Aurin” and Kenshiro then asks the owner what that means. He explains it is a response drink with the meaning “I want to know you better.” With that out of the way, you’ll hand it over to the nervous guy from the prior drink and need to correctly answer what its meaning is (again, “I want to know you better”). With that done, the substory will end and a happy couple will start their lives together.

58: Find a Happy Place

I forget the exact details of this substory, but it is one of the few tied to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. After serving however many customers, you’ll encounter a love-struck man. Give him a drink and he’ll start to regale you with the tale of his lost love. Apparently, Tyler (the man’s name) has been ignored by his wife. Feeling down one night, the guy stumbled upon a picture of his old fling from years prior. Tyler heard she was in Highland Village and he wants to pay her a visit.

Since Kenshiro can’t keep to himself, he’ll also decide to go to Highland Village to see what happens. Upon getting there, Tyler is standing in front of the well and doesn’t know what to do. He’s too scared to make a move and isn’t exactly sure where his lost lover is. Telling you her name again (Lisa), he asks if Kenshiro will be able to look around for her. You’ll simply need to talk to the first person you can find with a speech bubble, tell him the name “Lisa,” and the rest of the scene will play out. Not too bad.

59: Drink to My Memory

This is related to the “Bartender Ken” mini-game. It will require you to get your ranking to S. Once serving a ton of people and maxing out your rank, a “Dapper Gentleman” will appear in the bar. Serve him a “Suplex Drop” and he’ll start to wax nostalgic about a time period from his past. He doesn’t quite remember the details, but something about that drink reminds him of good old days. He then leaves and we finally learn the backstory of the owner of the bar.

Bruce, as he is called, used to run the bar with Ash, the dapper gentleman, until Ash was attacked by bandits one day. Ash had lost his family and ended up repressing all of his memories of the past. He and Bruce used to share a drink together, “Summer Lovers,” but Ash never passed on the recipe. Apparently “Suplex Drop” tastes a bit like it, so it triggered something within Ash’s memory. Bruce will tell you how he wishes to have his friend back, then you’ll end your shift.

Return to the bar and serve Raimi. She’ll ask for the “Suplex Drop,” and you’ll make one. After that, Ash comes back in and Bruce takes over for you. He asks you to explain the “Suplex Drop” to him step by step and somehow figures out how to make “Summer Lovers.” With that, Ash then gets his memory back and asks Bruce to help him find the gravesite of his family. What a lovely ending!

60: The Perfect Present

This substory requires completion of substory 21 before triggering. After helping Lin and Bat out of their predicament, you’ll be able to find Lin shopping near the “Bazaar East” section of Eden. Talk to her and she’ll explain how she is looking for the perfect gift for Mrs. P. The only thing Purie likes is alcohol, so Kenshiro offers to make a drink for her at the bar. Lin is excited and goes to fetch Purie. Head over to the bar to continue this.

Once inside, just walk up to Lin and Purie and you’ll have to mix a drink. It’s a simple shake one and doesn’t take much time. After that, Bruce will explain that the drink he made has a symbolic meaning. According to him, bonds are thicker than blood and anyone can be a family if they care enough for each other. How sweet! After his speech is done, substory 60 will be completed.

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