Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – Substories 21-40

21: Coming of Age

This substory will require you to get Lin’s shop past level 1. I’m not exactly sure if you need to hit level 2, but that triggered it for me. After helping Lin out a bit, return to Bat and you’ll find him missing. A note on the ground says he has gone to the Junk Shop, but it really means the “Junk District Back Alley.” Swing around the corner and you’ll see Bat standing there looking for some parts. Kenshiro informs Bat that Lin is in town and might have some stuff, to which Lin then comes up to say hello to Bat.

Bat’s a little shit, though, and treats Lin like trash. She runs off all sad and then Kenshiro yells at him. Bat heads over to Lin’s shop to apologize. Head over there, yourself, and you’ll discover that Lin hasn’t returned yet. Just as Purie is telling you about Lin’s disappearance, some guy comes running up to say he saw Lin getting dragged off by some thugs. Bat runs off to help and Kenshiro decides he’ll check it out. Lin was seen in the “Chimney District.”

Once you arrive, Bat is on the ground and the thugs are taunting him. He tries to act tough, but gets his ass kicked. Kenshiro will then step up and you’ll fight a couple of guys. After that, Lin and Bat will make up and you’ll regain access to both Lin’s shop and your buggy.

22: Fun For Sale

You’ll need access to a buggy to do this mission. Near the North Western part of the map in the “Neon District North,” you’ll walk by a guy that is setting up an arcade shop. He currently doesn’t have any games available, though his dream is to provide fun for the citizens of Eden. After regaling Kenshiro about how fun video games are, he’ll ask if you could possibly locate some classic cabinets in the wasteland during your travels. To do so, you’ll need to acquire a treasure map by battling with random thugs or helping citizens in need.

I lucked out and had my first crate contain OutRun, but you’ll likely need to grind this one out a little bit. Just keep battling thugs and getting maps until you’ve returned with all four games. After bring back just one, the guy will let you into the arcade and you can kill some time by checking out Sega’s arcade roots. Bringing all four will finish the substory.

23: Restoring a Masterpiece

This substory requires completion of the previous one (22). After getting the arcade up and running, you’ll eventually get another treasure map that will lead you to a Sega Mark III. I found this with a D rank map, but I’m not exactly sure if that is required. Either way, once Kenshiro picks it up, he’ll remember the arcade and figure he might as well stop by there. Bring the home console back to the arcade and the guy will fix it for you.

After that, he explains this isn’t fit for an arcade and suggests you take it home. You’ll now be able to play Hokuto No Ken for the Sega Mark III (localized as Black Belt) at your safehouse if you’d like.

24: Yosumi’s Seeds

Another mandatory substory, you’ll encounter this one while gathering parts for your buggy. Jagre has an idea where to get better tires for your vehicle, so you’ll take off on route to Highland Village. Everyone where will explain that the village leader, Yosumi, went out in search of food and hasn’t returned. You’ll just need to follow the blip to reach Yosumi, fight some thugs and you’ll be set.

25: An Old Man’s Dream

This requires completion of the previous substory (24) before you can encounter it. After getting Yosumi’s seeds for him and leaving Highland Village, a return trip will see the village leader standing in front of the well. Talk to him and he’ll ask if you can collect some materials for him. You’ll need “4 Fine Cogwheels,” “3 Fine Nails,” and “3 Plastics.” You may already have this from your travels in the wasteland, but you can just drive around for a bit grabbing stuff to nab them. Head back to the village and hand over the goods and Yosumi will tell you to come by later.

After some time has passed, you can return to the Highland Village and Yosumi will be in the back. Talk to him at his shop and he’ll say something nice to you and give you an item. Another substory down.

26: Manual Transmission

This is an annoying one. You’ll need to have finished substory 25 for this to trigger. In Highland Village, walk towards the exit and then circle back to your buggy to encounter a guy staring at it. He’ll tell Kenshiro that his buggy isn’t even operating at half of its maximum potential and then offer to give you a book with the secrets of upgrading. In exchange for that, the man wants to have the “best” whiskey that Eden has to offer.

To get said whiskey, you have a few options. The easiest is to build your relationship meter with the Seed Shop owner at the bar. Just keep serving him drinks until his meter is at two bars and you’ll be able to buy the “Supreme Whiskey” from his shop. You can also win the “Mountain GP” in the race option or get a perfect combo on the third song at Ken’s clinic. However you go about it, return to Highland Village and the guy will ask for something else. What a pain in the ass!

Now he wants something with “potato” flavor, so go buy some Junk Chips and you’re all set. As a matter of fact, buy them beforehand so you don’t even need to leave. After giving both of those items to the guy, he’ll hand over his secret book that now allows you to upgrade previously locked off parts of your buggy. Hooray!

27: The Bridge of Tomorrow

You’ll need the rock splitter upgrade on your buggy for this one. You’re going to want to head South to “Canyon Village” in the wasteland. This will require taking a winding path through the mountains that and stopping off at a few save points to refuel. Once you reach Canyon Village, there will be a man standing near the train tracks you can talk to. He’ll tell you how some bandits swiped their parts for fixing the bridge. That bridge was historic and with it being broken, the village can no longer get any parts into town.

Once hearing this story, agree to help and then take off. You’ll be heading North East from here into the mountains. Check your map to find the “East Mountain Clearing” save point, which is right next to the objective. After stopping there to get the fast travel mark, there will be a truck out in the open that has the bandits standing around. Drive into it and you’ll get a quick cutscene, then a battle.

After finishing the fight, Kenshiro will automatically return to Canyon Village and the man will thank you. You can now access the lowest portion of the wasteland, which contains a lot of super high-level materials and enemies.

28: The Legendary Mechanic

This substory requires both 26 and 27 be finished before becoming accessible. Once you’ve met both stipulations, a man will be standing near your buggy in Canyon Village. He’ll introduce himself as a “Legendary Mechanic” and tell you your buggy isn’t operating at max capacity (sounds pretty similar). Kenshiro talks about the guy he met in Highland Village and this guy claims he was that man’s master. Whatever, apparently, some high-end motor is sitting out at the bottom of the map and the man would like you to retrieve it.

You may want to hold off on this substory as the enemies in the lower wasteland are all level 75+. While it is possible to defeat them at lower levels, Kenshiro will get wrecked in seconds without the proper upgrades. You could get lucky and dodge them, but you won’t be able to run away from battles and that could be bad. I’d recommend saving before even attempting this.

If you’re feeling up to it, cross the bridge to the South and keep going straight. The engine is sitting near some dilapidated buildings and doesn’t require you to exit your buggy. Once you pick it up, head back to Canyon Village and give the man the engine. He’ll talk about how that one is great but in bad shape. He then hands over the second manual for you that allows you to install even more parts on your buggy. Sounds good!

29: Kanna’s Challenge

This won’t unlock until partway through chapter 8 (after the manager at the casino talks about Jagi). You’ll also need to find the “Hill Climb Cup” race in the Wasteland, which is here:

After unlocking the second race for the buggy mini-game and returning to Bat, you’ll get stopped by a woman. She’ll congratulate Kenshiro on his driving skills and explain how she is looking to recruit him. He is apparently so skilled at racing that she needs him on her side. She’ll introduce herself as Kanna and then start to diss Bat for not being a real mechanic. Kenshiro refuses her offer, so she decides to challenge him to a race. Her driver, Malave, comes out from the background and the gauntlet is thrown down.

You don’t need to immediately start this, but your car is more than likely good enough to stomp the competition. Walk over to Kanna, accept her challenge and then win the race. Afterward, she’ll yell at Malave and then proclaim that she is coming for you. Bat gets all sentimental for you defending him and will give you an Augite. Job well done!

30: Race Against the Odds

This substory requires you to finish the previous one (29) and unlock the “Mountain Path Challenge” race. You can find there here:

After unlocking the third race for the buggy mini-game, return to Bat. Kanna will be back with a new racer, named Diego, who is certain that Bat and Kenshiro don’t even stand a 1% chance of winning. Since that is obviously some BS, challenge Kanna again and prepare to race. You may need to actually upgrade your car on this one since Diego is quite good. I managed to pull off a victory at the last second, but it wouldn’t hurt to have increased durability, speed and boost.

After finishing the race, Diego blames Kanna for the loss and runs off like a loser. Bat starts to feel bad for Kanna, but she explains that the bond him and Kenshiro share is what saw their victory on the track. She swears to return with another driver that she can trust as much as Kenshiro trusts Bat. After that, Bat gives you another Augite and you’ll be done.

31: Race to the Finish

This substory requires completion of the previous one (30) and for you to unlock the “Mountain Grand Prix” race. You can find it here:

After unlocking the fourth race for the buggy mini-game, return to Bat. Once again, Kanna will approach the two of you and make a big announcement. She is going to be getting married soon. She found a wonderful driver and partner in the likes of Selby. He is a formidable racer and has made Kanna’s life wonderful. Kenshiro congratulates the two and then starts to walk away before Kanna reminds him why they first met. THIS IS A RACE TO THE DEATH…though not really.

Anyway, you’ll be racing on the fourth track for this one. Selby isn’t that great and you could possibly get away without upgrading your car, but this track is very tricky. I would at least recommend durability upgrades so that you can slam into walls a bit more often. It will also give you extra boost for the few straightaways and likely keep you at least five seconds ahead at all times.

After the race, Kanna is actually not upset. She sees that Ken and Bat have grown just like she and Selby, so she vows to return one day once they’ve all grown. With that out of the way, Bat gives you his goggles (which make items respawn faster in the wasteland) and you’ll be done. Some guy is watching over you, though…

32: Rescue Kanna

This substory will require completion of substory 31 and for you to have the “Highway Cup” unlocked. You can find that here:

After unlocking the final race for the buggy mini-game, return to Bat. Then, a small scene will start that sees Selby running towards Kenshiro. He is bloodied and tells Kenshiro that someone has taken Kanna. Asking for more details, Selby tells Ken that Kanna is being held somewhere in the “Neon District North Street.” Head over there and enter the building marked with the exclamation point on your map.

Once inside, you’ll get reunited with Diego from the first Kanna substory. He was pissed when Kanna dumped him earlier and has been on a losing streak ever since. Not believing he can get better without her, he took to kidnapping her and is now coming to kill you. His thugs will jump you, but they are pretty damn easy to deal with. Once you do, Diego will pout a bit, but then challenge you to a race. To tip the odds in his favor, he takes Kanna’s fully upgraded buggy and says to meet him whenever you’re ready.

After that, Kanna gives you an engine and this substory concludes. Time to get ready to race!

33: Speed Demon

Now for the thrilling conclusion! This substory will require the previous one (32) to be finished. After confronting Diego and rescuing Kanna, you’ll be put outside the building in the “Neon District North Street.” If you want, you can immeidately challenge Diego now or come back when you have more parts for your buggy. If you were able to finish the “Highway Cup” with a time below two minutes, you’ll be perfect for this substory.

With Diego now getting a big head from having Kanna’s buggy, your only option left is to race him and prove you’re faster. This will take place on the fifth track, which can be a bit of a pain. The trick with this is to make sure you grab every repair orb on the track. Doing so will allow you to boost more frequently and even straight into other opponents. Diego will likely be in front for the first minute, but once you pass him, you’ll have to make sure to not screw up.

After you complete the race, Diego still refuses to admit defeat and challenges you to a fight. Make quick work of him and you’ll be finished with this particular subplot. So long, Diego!

34: Can’t Go That Way

To start this substory, you’ll need to encounter the convoy at the South West corner of the Wasteland. It will be blocking access to the lower part of the map and Kenshiro will deduce going back to the Highland Village. Do that and someone from the village will explain that they need to get rid of the bandits. Return to the convoy and the bandits will decide that killing Kenshiro is a good idea (it never is).

After the battle, the bandits will scatter and the path to the lower South West portion of the wasteland will be opened. You can now return to Highland Village and accept your reward, which is the “Handling Wing” for your buggy.

35: To The Rescue

This substory will require you to have access to a buggy (which should happen shortly after getting into Eden). While walking around in the “Chimney District South,” you might notice a man standing in an alleyway (you can refer to the picture for substory 10 as that is the same location). Approach him and he’ll explain how he wishes to help people trapped in the wasteland. He used to run a caravan that would pick up stragglers, but his buggy is broken and he is stuck in Eden. Kenshiro will offer to help and you’ll be off with a race against the clock.

For this first quest, you’ll have two and a half minutes to round up three people. The path is pretty straightforward and you can always refer to your map if you get lost. Doing so will also pause the timer, which is great if you lose your bearings. The markers the quest refers to are the “Northern Pillar,” “Central Wasteland” and the “Big Rock in the Northern Plains.” That isn’t the most helpful of directions, but the quest is easy enough.

36: Hey! Over Here!

This substory requires completion of the previous one (35). After some time has passed, you can return to the caravan leader to get another mission to rescue civilians in the wasteland. For this one, you’ll be given slightly more time at three minutes. The path you’ll travel is still fairly straightforward and everyone is basically lined up in a curved line. You should have more than enough time to get everyone and potentially even pick up a treasure box.

37: The Never-Ending Problem

This substory requires completion of the previous one (36). After some time has passed, head back to the caravan leader for another mission. He finally has his buggy all set up, but there are now more requests than he can handle. Reaching out to Kenshiro once more, he asks that you help save some people from the wasteland. This time, you’ll need to gather up five individuals in four minutes, which sounds a lot harder than it really is.

From the start in the wasteland, make an immediate left. From there, the rest of the targets are basically in a slightly curving line, but you should reach the last one with around 50 seconds to spare. After picking them all up, you’ll return to Eden and the caravan leader will get some information about a man named “Guran.” Looks like this next substory is going to be a doozy!

38: Rescue the Rescuer

You’ll need to finish the previous substory (37) for this one to start. After completing the caravan missions and learning about Guran, walk to the “Bazaar West” section of Eden and you’ll see two people talking. Approach them and they’ll explain how Bigby has gone missing. Since you’ve helped him numerous times before, you figure you might as well lend a hand one last time. The two men aren’t exactly sure where he went, but one guy says the “North Central Plains” in the Wasteland. Here is a picture:

Once you reach the spot, just drive up to the collapsed man and a cutscene will trigger. Bigby has tracked Guran down and ended up getting his ass handed to him. Guran was the cause of his wife’s death and he has voewed to get revenge however he can. Since he clearly can’t defend himself, Kenshiro steps in to solve the situation. Fight the incredibly easy guys and you’ll check off another substory from your list.

39: Hand-Me-Down Hardware

This substory requires you to reach chapter 8 and hear about Jagi from the casino manager. After that point, you’ll have to drive to a specific point in the wasteland for this to trigger. Use this picture as guidance:

Once reaching here, park your buggy and get out. Walk up to the thug harassing an old man and you’ll get a short cutscene. The thug wants some suped up part from the guy and is willing to kill him over it. Kenshiro does his ATATATA thing and the man is saved. Since you’re here, though, the old man asks if you’d like to complete his challenge to receive the part. He wants his parts to go to a good home and Kenshiro seems like a nice dude.

Agree to the challenge. You’ll have three minutes to drive your car up the broken down parking garage. Take your time on this one as the three minutes is extremely generous. The pathways for driving get a lot thinner as you go up, so don’t feel the need to slam down the gas pedal. Once you reach the top, the man will smile and sentimental music will play. He’ll give you a fast engine and Kenshiro will be on his way.

40: Job Hunt

This is a required substory for story progression. While returning home one night, Kenshiro encounters an old woman being harassed by thugs. She is holding a priceless vase and Kenshiro doesn’t realize that. He scares the thugs away but ends up destroying the vase in the process. Shortly after, the City Watch comes over and tells Kenshiro he’ll need to pay for the damages. They amount to 100,000,000 IDL.

Essentially, this quest introduces you to the nightclub mini-game. You don’t actually play it (which is odd), but you’ll defeat some thugs at the nightclub and Lyra will sign you up to manage it. Simple.

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