Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – Substories 1-20

1: Out to the Wasteland

This is the first substory you will encounter in the game. It happens shortly into Chapter 4 and is mandatory. You’ll basically go around Eden picking up parts for your buggy, which then lets you explore the wasteland at will. It is impossible to finish the game without doing this.

2: The Tree of Hope

This one happens out in front of the clinic. There should be an old man standing in front of a budding tree at the end of the alley (next to the park).

If you approach him, some kids will be making a few comments and the old man will start to tell you about why he has been watching over this tree. There isn’t much else to do and Kenshiro decides to come back later. Once you return, the old man will be getting harassed by some thugs and you’ll need to do your martial arts thing. After that, you’ll receive the “Seeds of Hope” and the substory will be finished.

3: O Father, Where Art Thou?

I didn’t encounter this substory until Chapter 10, but the prerequisites might be different. Regardless, at the part of the story where you need to upgrade your buggy with the rock splitter, you’ll see a text box out in the Wasteland directly in front of Eden with a person yelling for help. Drive up to them and you’ll encounter a child who has passed out. He went looking for his dad that has been missing for a few days. Kenshiro will ask if the kid knows where he might be and he’ll tell you the “Highland Village.”

You’ve already been there for a story mission, so you should have a fast travel point ready. Just go to the closest save point near Eden, hitch a ride over to the Highland Village and the substory will continue when you take a few steps. Here, the kid’s father will attempt to rob Kenshiro, though that obviously doesn’t go over well. He can’t really muster up the courage to kill anyone and then some thugs come to harass him. It’s up to you to kick some ass and restore the father’s sense of honor.

After the battle, Kenshiro will tell the dad about his kid and the father will rush back to Eden. To finish this off, return to Eden (either via fast travel or driving) and the final scene will play. The child and father reconcile and the kid hands you a blue charm (like the one his dad has).

4: No Hokuto Shinken for You!

I’m not precisely sure when this will trigger, but if you haven’t discovered by the time you encounter Jagi in Chapter 8, you’ll likely stumble into this. Near the southern end of Respite Street, you’ll walk past a few people that are talking about how violence in Eden has been on the rise since Kenshiro appeared. After approaching them, they’ll introduce themselves as the “Eden Safety Committee” and will urge Kenshiro to use non-violent means to solve confrontations.

This then triggers a humorous cutscene where the leader of the committee nearly gets his ass beat and Kenshiro will come in to save the day. You’ll do a battle and be on your way: quick and easy.

5: A World Without Violence

This will require the previous substory to be finished before you can encounter it. Walking around Casino Road, you’ll bump into the “Eden Safety Committee” again and they’ll be up to their old tactics of non-violent confrontation. After giving you a spiel about not killing everyone, Kenshiro will notice a thug harassing a kid on the street. After approaching, the committee urges you to talk to him, so Kenshiro obliges. You can select any answer because they all end up with you fighting the guy.

After saving the kid (who then says he wishes to grow up and become like Kenshiro), the committee will shake their heads and say they haven’t given up on being non-violent yet. Another quick and easy substory to knock out.

6: A Gentle Fist

This is the final quest in the “Eden Safety Committee” storyline. It will require substory 5 to be finished before you can encounter it. In the “East Bazaar” section of Eden, one of the safety committee members will run up to Kenshiro and inform him that the leader is in serious trouble. He was last spotted in the Respite Street parking lot, so you’ll need to head over there to help him. Upon arriving, you’ll see the guy getting his ass kicked and basically being on death’s door. Time to do your crazy Hokuto Shinken thing!

After defeating the thugs, Kenshiro will approach the leader who explains why he decided to go with the non-violent approach in life. He never felt strong and feared that he was a weak man. In these times of violence, he wanted to show people that humanity was still left in this world. Sadly, you were too late and the man passes away. After, the safety committee will tell Kenshiro it is disbanding and that will finish this subplot.

7: 3-Second Cooking

This can be found in the Colosseum North area of Eden and requires you to have made enough progress in chapter 8 (after the bit where you learn about Jagi from the casino manager).

You’ll see an old man arguing with a child about having fresh meat. Seeing this is the apocalypse, fresh meat doesn’t come around often, but the kid still wants a hamburger. He runs off and the old man is left pondering what to do. Walk up to him and the old man will ask Kenshiro if he could find some fresh meat. Apparently a man named Pozo has some and he is typically found in the Bazaar.

The game will now point you to Bazaar West, so head there. You’ll see Pozo talking to one of his goons about just getting supplies, so approach him and ask about meat. I’m not really sure if you can pay the price (10,000,000 IDL), but decline the offer and you’ll fight. The guys go down easy and you’ll get your fresh meat. Head back to the old man and you’ll hand over the meat. Now the kid wants you to cook it since the old man really sucks at cooking.

A humorous cutscene plays where Kenshiro ATATATA’s the meat and everyone is happy. Now they need to figure out someway to get fire and Pozo happens to show up with a flamethrower. Kick his ass and you’ll get the flamethrower to use on the meat. After another funny cutscene and a short story about the poor kid’s life, the man will give you an item and the substory will be over.

8: Shoulder Pads, Shoulder Pride

Walking around in the “Junk District Back Alley,” you’ll bump into a man that used to sell shoulder pads. Apparently, someone known as the “Shoulder Pad Killer” has been fighting people and stealing their shoulder pads, which is having a devastating effect on this man’s business. He is a master shoulder pad craftsman and this killer is preventing people from buying new shoulder pads. He’ll ask Kenshiro if he can help, to which you basically have to agree to continue on with the substory.

From here, you’ll get a humorous scene where Kenshiro spends an entire day standing with a single shoulder pad and just staring at it. After that, the craftsman comes back and figures his plan didn’t work. So he concocts another plan and places a bunch of shoulder pads around the road. Agree a second time and you’ll get another cutscene where Kenshiro wastes his day sitting around and waiting. After some more time, the “Killer” will actually show up and harass the craftsman. The old guy stands up for himself, but gets knocked on his ass. Kenshiro will then come in and clean up that mess, which nets you some DP and another completed substory.

9: Hide and Seek

Towards the middle of chapter 6, you’ll be brought near the gate of Eden for an objective. Around Lin’s shop will be a young kid, named Minato, lamenting that his father is gone. Approach him and he’ll ask if Kenshiro can play a game with him. Ken agrees and Minato wishes to play hide and seek. He yells that Kenshiro is “it” and then goes to hide. The hint he drops is that is near the “Ga..”, but Kenshiro correctly deduces that means the gate.

The kid isn’t merely out in front of Eden, though. To find him, you’ll need to head on top of the gate and look around. To get there, basically turn around from where you met the kid and head left. If you already walked away from him, it is directly right from the entrance to Eden. Once up top, step forward and a bit and turn around. Go into first-person mode and Minato will be on top of the door. If you’re still confused, this picture will show you exactly where he is.

10: Hide and Seek Round 2

This substory will require the previous one (substory 9) to be completed. After some time has passed, you can return to the original spot where you found Minato to start the second game of hide and seek. This time, Minato states that he’ll be in the “South Chim…,” though that essentially is only one place. After running off to hide, you basically just need to walk to the left for a bit and you’ll encounter him. Eden is a lot bigger than the gate from the last substory, so I’ve taken a picture to help you.

11: Grow Up Strong

This is the final substory in Minato’s quest line, so it will require 10 to be finished first. After some time has passed, you can return to the spot where you originally encountered Minato to find his mother there. She and Minato got into a fight that morning and now she can’t seem to find her child. Kenshiro asks if she has any idea where he might be, and she initially says no. After thinking, she mentions that Minato said something about “Broken Stairs” as the perfect hiding spot. This one is a lot more straightforward since it will be pointed out on your map. Just in case you are lost, though, here is the location.

12: Dying Wish

Out in front of Eden’s gate, Kenshiro spots a man on the ground. He is dying and has a last request of Ken. He has been looking for his lost love, “Alma”, and would like Ken to locate her. Basically drawing a blank, Ken decides to head to the cathedral and ask Xsana if she knows anything. After traveling there, Xsana will tell Ken about a guard that has been at Eden since the city was first built. He would likely know something about an “Alma.”

From there, you’ll head to “Casino Road,” where the guard will be standing outside of a building. Ken will ask about “Alma” and the guard informs him that she passed away a few months prior. With nothing else left to do, Ken decides to head back and tell the man the bad news.

Once you return to Eden’s gate, some thug will be harassing a woman and the dying man will attempt to step up and fight. He quickly gets knocked on his ass, so Ken walks in and settles the score. After that, the man will tell you a little about himself before asking if Kenshiro discovered the whereabouts of “Alma.” You can make a choice between telling him the truth or hiding it, but either option will end the substory.

13: Batter Up!

During your first trip to the wasteland, you’ll be required to drive to an old baseball diamond for Jagre. He heard some rumor about bandits attacking and it ends up being true. This is another mandatory substory and it acts as a tutorial for the baseball-esque mini-game.

14: Paging Dr. Ken

Easily my favorite of the mini-games, this substory is an introduction to the Clinic in Eden. It acts pretty similarly to Yakuza’s karaoke, with Kenshiro healing patients to the tune of classical music. It is quite the trip. You’ll encounter this in the middle of chapter 6 and it is mandatory. You don’t need to do more than the first song for this, though.

15: Lin’s New Job

Walking around Eden during chapter 6, Kenshiro will encounter Lin at a shop. She is working to earn money to help her village and asks Kenshiro if he could bring any rare materials to her. While technically not required, you’d be hard pressed to miss this (it is right on the main path to the main objective). This acts more like a tutorial for selling some objects, though you can safely walk away from Lin once she is done talking.

16: Rebuilding a Home

Requires the completion of substory 15. After raising Lin’s shop to level 1, she’ll give Kenshiro an order that must be finished within 15 minutes. It asks for “Bland Jerky x2,” “Watered Whiskey x1,” “Rock x2” and “Steel Wire x1.” A lot of these can be bought cheaply in Eden. After doing that, you’ll see a short cutscene where Kenshiro ATATATA’s orders into peoples hands and Lin gets all super happy. Her meter will raise to level 1 and another cutscene will play.

Here, Lin decides to stay in Eden and run the shop for a while. Her mentor teases her about loving Kenshiro and Lin gets embarrassed. Funny stuff, right up until Lin talks about staring at Kenshiro’s ass. I guess he does have a nice ass, though. Anyway, this substory will begin and end before you even know it, mostly acting as a cutscene between raising the level of Lin’s shop.

17: Little Lady Lin

This is a stupidly long one. This substory will require completion of the previous one (16) to start. After helping Lin’s shop grow and waiting a little bit, return to the shop to continue the process. Lin is feeling more confident and wants to work on becoming a better woman, but you’ll need to help her business grow before any of that. First off, get Lin’s shop to level 2. This will then trigger a mission much like last time, just with different requirements.

In 15 minutes, you’ll need to obtain “Prime Jerky x1,” “Canned Gruel x1,” “Fine Nail x2” and “Pre-War Statue x2.” That last one can’t be bought in any store and must be obtained through the colosseum (or some random other side activities. They go for 40 CP, though, so just rush there and grab em). Once that is done, Lin will get all happy and close the shop for a small bit. You’ll need to walk around for a bit before you can return to Lin.

Once you’re able to, go speak with her and she’ll show Ken her new clothes and jewelry. She is starting to look like a nice young lady. Anyway, now you’ll need to worry about leveling up Lin’s show some more. This time, get her meter to level 3 (which requires a lot of damn sales) for the next part to trigger. Once hitting that stupid amount, Lin will give you one final request mission with similar stipulations to last time.

In 15 minutes, you’ll need to grab “Premium Whiskey,” “Old Pill x2,” “Silver Chunk x2,” “Magnetic Stone x2” and a “Pre-War Machine.” That last one is a real bitch, since there are only two options for obtaining it. You’ll either need to score a B on the Expert level of “Death Batting,” or face off against “Purple Tank The One-Shot” five times in the colosseum. Neither option is particularly easy, so pick your poison (also, do it whenever you want, since the timer will stop if you leave Eden). Once that is complete, you’ll need to return a bit later to progress on.

Finally in the home stretch. From here, return to Lin’s shop to see her going way overboard with her makeup. Kenshiro is too kind to say much, but Bat soon comes over and tells Lin she looks awful. Lin then runs off and Kenshiro decides to find her. Walk over to the “Chimney District” and you’ll see two thugs bothering poor Lin. Destroy them and you’ll finally, at long last, be finished with this overly long quest.

18: Is That You, Yuria?

This substory won’t trigger until chapter 10. To find it, you’ll need to return to the safehouse after the start of the chapter (and anytime after that). Once entering, Bat will come in to inform Kenshiro that there have been reports of Yuria appearing at the Cursed Village. Since that is obviously false, Kenshiro decides to ask some more questions to figure out just what is going on.

From there, head to the barracks and the Watch will fill you in on what they’ve seen. Some woman that apparently bears resemblance to Yuria was seen walking around the Cursed Village and it has people spooked. Without much else to go on, Kenshiro decides to find out for himself. Drive on over to the Cursed Village and you’ll meet up with Airi. She’ll tell you that her brother, Rei, had come after hearing the same rumors and wanted to figure out what was going on.

Rei soon comes over and the three of you walk further into the village. From there, the gravedigger will appear from behind some tombstones and tell you that a group of bandits has been making trouble in the area. He wanted to catch them in the act but realized that he probably wasn’t the best person for the job. Just then, a mysterious woman walks in from the fog. Everyone turns around to see a figure that looks like Yuria: the wonderful Mamiya. She had been coming to the cursed village looking for warriors to help protect her own village. Just then, a group of thugs comes up and you’ll do battle with them.

After that, Mamiya will ask both you and Rei if you’d like to come to her village. Since Kenshiro still has things to do, Rei and Airi will depart and that will end the substory.

19: A Couple of Bad Liars

This substory requires you to be in chapter 6 to trigger. After making progress through the story, return to the Cathedral at nighttime and you’ll see Xsana standing in front of the altar. She explains to you that some things have been stolen from the Cathedral that mean a lot to her and even has the Watch on the prowl for the thieves. The guards then come in and say they believe they’ve heard something about the culprits being at the “Neon District Back Alley,” so Kenshiro decides to head there.

Walk over to the exclamation point on your map and you’ll see two thugs and some regular guy standing near the fence. They’ll be talking about how easy it was to steal from the Cathedral, so Kenshiro whips out some martial arts on their asses. After the quick fight, the remaining guy drops all his belongings. Xsana then comes by and explains that the thing she is looking for isn’t in there, to which the guy mentions his boss headed over to the nightclub after the heist.

Enter the nightclub and head to your immediate left. As you approach the bar, a cutscene will trigger where Kenshiro sees a guy on the floor. Lyra then walks up and explains he slipped something in his drink since he is a thief. Kenshiro asks how she knew and she points to the teddy bear. With that in hand, head back to the cathedral and you’ll get some backstory from Xsana about what the bears means to her.

20: Happiness Is

During your travels in chapter 6, a young girl will run into Kenshiro. Once her brother shows up and yells at her a bit, Rei walks by and explains that both kids have been orphaned. A man at some shop is helping to watch over them, yet a mysterious traveler called “Uncle” is looking to take care of them. Split between whether he can provide for the children or not, the man decides to hand over the kids to “Uncle” and it ends up being bad news.

While the game will put an exclamation point on the map for you to follow, I’ve written down each step you’ll need to take to finish this quickly. After getting the backstory from Rei, you’ll go to the “Junk District: Back Alley,” then to “Bazaar West,” then back to the “Back Alley.” You’ll basically fight some thugs at each stop and they aren’t really much challenge.

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