Megaman 11: Boss Order Guide

Mega Man 11 Boss Order Guide

One of the joys of Mega Man games is figuring out which weapon each boss is weak against. While the series started off with some clearly named enemies, later entries started making the naming obtuse. Mega Man 11 is no exception. What, exactly, is a Bounce Man weak against, for example? If you’re struggling with Mega Man 11 and just want to know how to whoop some robot ass, you’ve come to the right place!

The order with which you tackle the bosses if solely up to you, but I personally found Torch Man to be the easiest. Block Man is also perfectly manageable on his own, though he is the only boss with a desperation phase that can be tricky for newcomers. Mega Man 11 doesn’t sugarcoat its level ending fights, so any one of them can make for a perfectly good starting point.

If you’re starting with Torch Man, then your path should be like this:

Torch Man > Blast Man > Block Man > Acid Man > Impact Man > Bounce Man > Fuse Man > Tundra Man

If you decide to go with anyone else, just flip the order around based off of who you pick. Here is a full breakdown of the weapon each boss gives you and what they are weak against.

A greater breakdown of each boss weakness:

Torch Man is weak against Tundra Storm. After being defeated, he’ll drop Blazing Torch.

Blast Man is weak against Blazing Torch. Once vanquished, he’ll give you Chain Blast.

Block Man is weak against Chain Blast. After sorting his mess, he’ll hand over Block Dropper.

Acid Man is weak against Block Dropper. Once getting wiped up, he’ll drop Acid Barrier (the requisite shield of Mega Man 11).

Impact Man is weak against Acid Barrier. Once getting washed out, he’ll leave behind Pile Driver.

Bounce Man is weak against Pile Driver. After being deflated, he’ll give you Bounce Ball.

Fuse Man is weak against Bounce Ball. Once being sparked out, he’ll hand over Scramble Thunder.

Tundra Man is weak against Scramble Thunder. Once being heated up, he’ll drop Tundra Storm.

What about Wily?

Any longtime fan of Mega Man will know that some Wily stages are awaiting you at the end of your quest. Along with the requisite boss rush (which happens in Wily Stage 3), there are a few unique bosses with their own weaknesses for you to discover. The Double Gear system can of makes these weaknesses moot, but here are the best tools to use against them if you’re struggling.

Wily Stage 1 sees the return of the Yellow Devil (now MK-III) from the original Mega Man. He is weak against the Chain Blast and your Mega Buster (go figure).

Wily Stage 2 features a ball like boss called Mawverne. He is incredibly weak to the Bounce Ball, especially so when combined with the Power Gear.

Wily Stage 3 is a boss rush, so you’ll need to refer back to the boss order list for weaknesses there. Block Man is in the upper left and it basically goes clockwise, so it isn’t hard to figure out.

Wily Stage 4 sees Mega Man come face to face with the evil doctor and he’s packing two forms. The first, called the “Wily Machine 11 V1,” is weak against both the Chain Blast and Acid Barrier. You’ll need to aim for Wily’s face to deal damage.

The second form is the “Wily Machine V2” and it gets stomped by the Scramble Thunder and Acid Barrier. Since the Scramble Thunder can aim directly into the air, it is the better bet if you’re low on energy.

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